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ESSCA School of Management

Highlights of Studying in ESSCA

  • Member of the prestigious Conférence des Grandes Ecoles

  • Courses accredited by AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA

  • ESSCA offers Programmes and degrees in management

  • Courses delivered across 8 campuses

  • Student strength of 7000+

  • Wide network of partner universities in 56 countries

  • 100+ years of heritage

  • 3000 EUR scholarships

  • Internships along the course


Great Place to Work

Why Study at ESSCA

Delivering knowledge and developing thinkers, managers, entrepreneurs to adapt to the current scenario is the goal of ESSCA School of Management. Considering the various dimensions of organizations at a global level which are driven by technology and innovation, ESSCA School of Management showcases courses that make students industry-ready. ESSCA is a well-established Business School serving for more than 110 years and has been consistent in adhering to basic human values that make up its ethical foundations.

Inorder to develop ESSCA’s excellence that supports young people either to kick start in their profession or to progress, the school bages prestigious labels such as the EESPIG label (Etablissement d’Enseignement Supérieur Privé d’Intérêt Général), an association under French law (1901). Alumni of ESSCA are hired in top companies; 80% have signed a contract before their graduation and 93% of graduates are recruited within 3 months of course completion and 93% feel that they find jobs that are in line with their professional career objectives.

ESSCA Ranking

Financial times has ranked ESSCA among the Top Business Schools based on their internships, recruitment and course delivery. ESSCA world Ranking is 60 in 2022 according to Financial Times and in terms of international course experience, it ranks 20.

Courses in ESSCA

ESSCA offers programs covering Business, Management, Tourism and Hospitality at the bachelors, masters and Grand ecole level.

The five-year grand Ecole programme was introduced in ESSCA and the title is said to hold the highest designated in management and engineering fields. Our pioneering programme is composed of a Bachelor and a Master cycle. Programs in ESSCA are structured in a way that offers benefits including academic recognition on global standards. The Best courses in ESSCA are

  • Offered in three campuses - Paris, Lyon, Angers either fully taught in English or French
  • Internationally recognized
  • Given a large choice of majors with three areas of expertise: Management, Marketing, Finance
  • Wide offer of double degree
  • Full personal development programmes
  • Packed with information that sharpens the knowledge and skills of students
  • Tagged with work placements both in France and abroad
  • Full personal development programme which supports the students’ professional life.

Bachelors in ESSCA

Undergrad programs in ESSCA are delivered with an objective to train students within a three year duration of study to possess international cultural understanding and a command

The objective of the ESSCA Bachelor programmes is to train, in a 3 year programme of study, operational middle managers who possess international cultural understanding and a solid command of tools and methods in contemporary management.

  • Bachelor programs in ESSCA are designed to ensure student involvement in the curriculum through teaching methods, activities as well as course materials.
  • Support for students at all levels: Learning methods to work individually, in groups and at a distance; personal development and professional project development through specific workshops.
  • The development of creativity adapted to the contexts of business and entrepreneurship.
  • Bachelors in ESSCA curriculum has projects that is given a major place to trigger the innovate ideas of students. based on concrete cases allowing learning by experience.
  • A semester of study abroad during undergrad in ESSCA also allows each student to benefit from international experience.

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Admission Requirements to Study Bachelors in ESSCA in France

One of the easiest ways to apply for bachelors in ESSCA in France is through GoFrance. We have an exclusive team to help you with document drafting, editing.

Below is the list of documents to for Bachelor’s application in ESSCA

  • Marksheets of the last 2 years of secondary education
  • Motivation letter or the statement of purpose
  • CV
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency through IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge or Duolingo
  • Optional: letter of recommendation

After these documents are submitted to the school, students are informed about an admission interview for Bachelors in ESSCA.

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Masters in ESSCA

Studying a Masters in ESSCA can be a one or a two year duration. For those with a three year bachelor degree, and less than 3 years of work experience, students can apply for a two year Masters in ESSCA while for those with a four year bachelor degree, students can apply for a one year masters in ESSCA.

MSc curriculum in ESSCA is composed of three semesters : Two academic terms plus one internship, with a master thesis. Graduates can rely on a 90ECTS degree delivered by a triple-accredited international business school, as are less than 1% of the top worldwide business schools.

Masters of Science offered at ESSCA is built on the expertise of its 130 permanent faculty members of 30 different nationalities and on the latest results of their research. MSc students benefit of a multicultural atmosphere of studies, emphasised by a permanent presence of 900 international students in the campuses, courses in several languages and an active student body in sports, arts, charities.

Below is the List of Postgraduate Courses in ESSCA

  • MSc in International Finance
  • MSc in Digital and Big Data for Value
  • MSc in International and Sustainable Management (part of the IBSA Dual Master’s Degree Program)
  • MSc EU-Asia Luxury Marketing
  • MSc EU-Asia Digital Marketing and Business

Admission Requirement for Masters in ESSCA

For entry into Masters in ESSCA, students need to have

  • A three year UG degree with three years of work experience or a 4-year bachelor’s degree in the relevant field
  • A B2 level in English
  • Online registration (application fees : €90)

Application deadline for Masters in ESSCA is July, 7th 2023

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English Scores to Apply in ESSCA

Students taking up English taught Masters in ESSCA should provide evidence that supports their language proficiency. ESSCA accepts the below list as proof of English language proficiency

  • IELTS, TOEFL, PTE scores
  • Medium of instruction letter

Scholarships for Masters in ESSCA

ESSCA scholarship application is offered for the 2-year Master in management programmes in English and/or French. Scholarship for MSc in ESSCA is also awarded to international students.

The scholarship

  • Can cover all or part of the tuition fees
  • Is open to non-French nationals.
  • Does not include cost of living (approx. 800 €/month in Angers and 1,100 €/month in Paris) and admission registration fees (€ 130 for two-year Master programme and € 80 for MSc).

Tuition Fee in ESSCA for International Students

Courses in ESSCA

Tuition fees in ESSCA

Bachelor in Management 9000 Euro/year
Grande Ecole 12745 Euro/year
Master in Management Year 1: 12745 Euros
Year 2: 13400 Euros
MSc in international and Sustainable Management 17900 EUR
MSc in International Luxury Management 17900 EUR
MSc in Digital and Big Data for Value 17900 EUR
MSc in Global Business Management 17900 EUR
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What is the Tuition fee in ESSCA for Masters courses?

Tuition fee for Masters in ESSCA range between 12,500 EUR to 17,900 EUR

What is the ranking of Engineering courses in ESSCA?

ESSCA is popular for Business, Management, Leisure courses and holds a triple accreditation with a lot of flexibility options.

Can I apply in ESSCA without IELTS?

Yes. You can apply in ESSCA without IELTS.

What is the application deadline for Masters in ESSCA?

Applications for Fall 2023 close in July 2023 and for Spring 2023, it ends in December 2023.

What is the Application fee for ESSCA?

Apply through us and get an application fee waiver for ESSCA.

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