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Masters in Mathematics in France

Highlights of Mathematics in France

  • FinTech, Financial Services, Banking companies require mathematicians

  • Demand for mathematicians in Google, Western Union, AIB, Norbrook, EY, O2, SPSS

  • Salary starting from 48,000 EUR

  • Professional career with a progressive nature

  • Employment increased by 69% since 2016

  • Mathematics is a part of the Critical Skill list

  • Permanent residency in two years


Great Place to Work

Scope of Mathematics in France

France is renowned as a storm cellar of central European stations for some of top firms and IT organisations, including Intel, Google, Vodafone, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and a growing number of major billion-dollar corporations. Even for young graduates with a Masters degree in Mathematics, France has several attractive work prospects. Scope of Mathematics in France is widespread. Several firms in France provide excellent job opportunities after completing Masters in Mathematics.

The work of mathematician's falls into two broad classes—theoretical (pure) mathematics and applied mathematics. These classes, however, are not sharply defined and often overlap. Theoretical mathematicians - these work with pure and abstract theories to advance mathematical knowledge. They may develop new principles or explore existing maths in a new way. Although these workers seek to increase basic knowledge without necessarily considering its practical use, such pure and abstract knowledge has been instrumental in producing or furthering many scientific and engineering achievements.

Many theoretical mathematicians are employed by university faculties, dividing their time between teaching and conducting research. Applied mathematicians - these use theories and techniques, such as mathematical modeling and computational methods, to formulate and solve practical problems in business, government, and the engineering industry. For example, they may analyse the most efficient way to schedule airline routes between cities, the effects and safety of new drugs, the aerodynamic characteristics of an experimental automobile, or the cost-effectiveness of alternative manufacturing processes.

Applied mathematicians working in industrial research and development may develop or enhance mathematical methods when solving a difficult problem. Applied mathematicians are required to collaborate with other workers in their organisations to achieve common solutions to problems. Some of the career titles in this area include actuary, operations research, analyst or statistician. For those with a gift for maths and a love for numbers, this is a chance to shape the future policies of government and business.

Statisticians use statistical methods to collect and analyse data and help solve real-world problems in government, business, engineering, the sciences, medicine and a whole range of other fields. Using statistical techniques, they make forecasts on population growth, economic conditions, or the outcome of elections. Statisticians often work in teams at various stages throughout the process, from collecting the data to analysis, identifying patterns and preparing strategies.

Salary after studying Masters in Mathematics in France

Professional opportunities are endless after completing the MSc in Mathematics in France . Many graduates begin their employment in the pharmaceutical industry, while professional opportunities exist in banking, finance, and risk management. Analysts and statisticians from the IT industry are in high demand as well.

For any new graduates, the Mathematics graduate pay in France is likewise fairly satisfactory.We may infer, as previously stated, that the overall masters in Mathematics salary in France is in line with industry norms. A graduate or fresher's average salary is €35,000, whereas a well-experienced candidate's average salary is €80,000.

Mathematics Companies in France

A wide selection of the most demanding and top Mathematics organisations in France gives amazing job chances and employment to applicants seeking masters degrees from France 's best colleges. Top companies for Mathematics in France

Below is the list of Top Masters Programs in Information Technology in France

  • Aquamarine Power
  • Alcatel-Lucent
  • BureauVeritas
  • Campbell Scientific
  • IBM
  • IFSC
  • Intel
  • Google
  • Lloyds
  • Marine Institute
  • Met Eireann
  • Microsoft
  • Nokia
  • Norkom
  • Numerica Corporation
  • OpenHydro
  • Paddy Power
Mathematics in France
Mathematics in France

Why study Masters in Mathematics in France

Mathematics is a broad and diverse subject which is used to model, analyse and understand several applications in the physical and biological sciences, engineering, management science, economics and finance. Its numerous applications are naturally interwoven with the underlying theory which is essential in developing one’s logical reasoning, quantitative skills and problem-solving techniques.

Masters in Mathematics in France is an excellent choice for anyone hoping to meet the demand for mathematics graduates in the job market, which values numeracy, ability in abstract reasoning and the skill to turn ideas into methods. If you have a natural ability in mathematics and are genuinely interested in applying mathematical solutions to problem solving, then this Mathematics course in France will suit you well. MSc in Mathematics in France is also a great start for a career in actuarial work, finance or accounting, although these will require further training.

A Masters in Mathematics in France degree opens up the possibility of a career in a variety of industries and sectors. Graduates have found employment in computing, where mathematics skills have immediate and practical application. The financial services and internet security sectors are also common first destinations for graduates. Other options include statistics, teaching, accountancy, actuarial work, finance, and all areas of pure and applied mathematics. Many of these involve further study or intensive research.

What is Mathematics?

Mathematics has a very interesting curriculum with exciting career prospects in France , as well as other parts of the world. The major point is that it combines engineering and Mathematics(science) and becomes a refreshing program for those students who are already in this field and want to go ahead or even for those as well and hence even post the pandemic Mathematics scope in France will be flourishing. A huge crowd of students from worldwide enter this area of study and leave universities with the certification in Mathematics with an essential skill-set.

This course not only equips you with vital career skills but also meets your thirst and love for Mathematics. Mathematics in France will develop different skills in students like problem-solving, numeracy, data analysis, and a deeper understanding of how the world functions according to a human and scientific level, and the communication of complex ideas. If you think that Mathematics is your call, then it is the right time to give a thought about opting for this branch.

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Top Masters Mathematics programs in France

The masters program in mathematics is based on top research and it consists of mathematics, applied mathematics, and statistics. Go France helps you choose the best courses for MSc in Mathematics in France . Secure your career and future by studying the right course in the field of Mathematics with the best courses for Masters in Mathematics in France . Graduates with a Masters in Mathematics can find work in almost any field where data-driven judgments are required. You deal with every component of data in MSc in Mathematics courses in France , including planning in terms of survey and experiment design, data collection.

Here is the list of Masters in Mathematics programs in France :

Universities for MSc Mathematics in France

Best courses for Masters in Mathematics in France

Grenoble Institute of Technology MSc in Industrial and Applied Mathematics MSIAM
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Best Universities for Masters in Mathematics in France :

Masters in Mathematics courses are available in several notable educational centres in France for undergraduate and Masters’ degrees. Numerous universities in France rank fantastically well at the global level, and the nation as a whole is sensibly a most preferred choice of students from all around the globe to pursue their MSc in Mathematics in France . The diverse assortment of PG institutes consolidates with historic towns; magnificent farmland and unprecedented culture of France turn the nation a profoundly fascinating destination for their masters.

If you are among those seeking colleges for Masters in Mathematics in France , it is undoubtedly a challenging and confusing task to make your mind where to get admission, as all the universities are best at their individual specialization. But the students have to choose their specific field of interest, and as per that, they have to select from the List of Universities for Mathematics in France . If you are not aware of anything, no need to panic, you are at the best place where you can get the top-rated and high ranked universities for MSc in Mathematics in France.

Let’s have a look at some of the top Universities for MSc in Mathematics in France

  • Grenoble Institute of Technology
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Masters in Mathematics in France with Internship

Internships can be part of a Masters program's curriculum, or students can do them over their summer vacations. So, if you're a recent graduate searching for experience before graduation, the MSc Mathematics with an internship or placement is a good option. Taking Mathematics Graduate Programs with an Internship in France will help you figure out what sort of career you'd like to obtain after the course, boost your chances of landing a decent position, and show your employer that you're more interested in Mathematics than books.

Admission requirements to study Masters in Mathematics in France

Candidates must meet the minimum qualifying standards stated below in order to be accepted into one of France 's best institutions. These colleges are adamant about their qualifying requirements, and they are determined to follow them regardless of the circumstances.

  • Candidates with a degree in arithmetic, finance, and accounting, certain designing/engineering degrees, or comparable quantitative controls where Mathematics have moulded some portion of the degree are anticipated to apply for this program. A second-class or international equivalent degree is necessary.
  • Applicants who do not satisfy these requirements but show interest and aptitude in the topic may be considered.
  • Understudies may also be eligible for enrollment in the Higher Diploma Mathematics, from which they might choose a component of the one-year MSc in Mathematics.

English Requirements to study Mathematics in France

Because France is an English-speaking country, all masters programs are taught in the English language. As a result, submitting an IELTS/TOEFL/PTE scorecard is a prerequisite. You must get the minimum score necessary to be considered for admission to a Masters in Mathematics program in France . The minimum English score necessary for Masters in Mathematics in France entrance to any of France 's best Mathematics institutions varies from one institution to the next.

For France's Masters in Mathematics, the following are the minimum English requirements.




IELTS 6.5 with no section below 5.5 6.0 with no section below 5.5
TOEFL 93 79
PTE 61 59

IELTS requirement for Masters in Mathematics in France:

In France , English Language Testing is a prerequisite for Masters in Mathematics. IELTS is one of the most familiar English Language Tests in France for MSc in Mathematics. The test assesses your ability to write, speak, listen, and read.

  • In France , an overall IELTS score of 6.5 is required for an MSc in Mathematics, with no score less than 6.

Application Requirements for Masters in Mathematics in France

International students applying to Irish universities have slightly different MS in Mathematics Application Requirements. You may either study the official websites for specific instructions or contact our GoFrance experts for a more in-depth discussion of the prerequisites. Letters of recommendation and Statements of Purpose have certain standards that vary based on the university and program.

This is the list of documents that must be submitted to apply for a Masters in Mathematics in France . If you are unsure how to prepare these documents, please contact one of our advisors who will help you with the process and write them for you.

  • Academic Documents: Scorecards of school and college.
  • Bachelor Degree Semester Wise mark sheets.
  • Bachelors degree certificate.
  • Bachelors degree consolidated mark sheet.
  • Passport.
  • Resume.
  • Letters of Recommendation.
  • Statement of Purpose.
  • Application fee

Scholarship for Masters in Mathematics in France

The breadth of postgraduate scholarships available at France 's institutions backs up the country's image as a friendly location for overseas Masters’ students. Funding is accessible for both EU and non-EU nationals as schools strive to recruit the finest and brightest students from across the world.

The Irish Higher Education Authority manages the Government of France International Education Scholarship program aimed towards non-EU/EEA nationals. The scholarship can be used to cover one year of Masters study at an Irish university for successful applicants. The following are some of the perquisites of the Government of France International Education Scholarship:

Below is the exclusive list of Scholarship for MSc in Mathematics in France.

  • Fixed allowance of 500 EUR per year and Tuition fees are covered up to a limit of Euro 5000 per year.
  • Monthly stipend of Euro 700 & Student visa and Campus France fee waiver
  • Charpak Master Scholarship of Euro 5,000
  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees scholarship
  • Studely Scholarship Program for international students - Euro 1,000
  • LivinFrance Scholarship - Euro 1,000

Tuition fee to study Masters in Mathematics in France

In France , Mathematics courses are offered by several institutions affiliated with various universities. So, we have a variety of Mathematics course fees in France; let's talk about them now. Tuition fee to study Masters in Mathematics in France is a lot cheaper than most countries even though Mathematics is one of the in-demand skills required. Cost to study MS Mathematics include tuition fee and the living expense which is an additional 10,000 EUR.

Universities for MSc Mathematics in France

Tuition fee for Masters in Mathematics in France

Grenoble Institute of Technology € 3770
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Who can apply for MSc Mathematics in France ?

Students with a UG degree in Mathematics or business, commerce, economics with a component in math can apply for MSc Mathematics in France

What is the difference between an MSc in Mathematics and an MSc in Mathematical Sciences?

The MSc in Mathematics concentrates just on Mathematics whereas Mathematical Sciences allows students to combine modules not only in Mathematics but in any of the disciplines offered by the School of Mathematics and Statistics: Actuarial Science and Statistics, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics/Mathematical Physics.

What is the difference between the HDip in Mathematical Studies and the HDip in Mathematical Sciences?

The HDip in Mathematical Studies may be of particular benefit to teachers or potential teachers who would like to include mathematics among the subjects that they are eligible to teach at Leaving Certificate Level. It brings the student to the level of a 3-year Honours undergraduate mathematics major. The HDip in Mathematical Science programme is aimed at graduates whose level of mathematical training is high, but below that of the BSc Degree Honours in Mathematics or Mathematical Physics, and who have demonstrated mathematical flair. It enables them to reach in one year a level of mathematical knowledge equivalent to that of BSc Honours graduates.

Who can take up H Dip in Math Sciences?

The HDip in Math Sc is aimed at students who have had a significant exposure to mathematics in their own degrees, but not enough to enter an MSc/PhD programme in mathematics. It is an intensive 9-month programme that gives students the opportunity to complete core components of a 4-year BSc in Math/Math Sc. Students who acheive a 2.1 degree or higher are eligible to enter the MSc in Math/Math Sciences. It is ideally suited to a student with a 3-year degree in math/applied math but we have taken on students with a variety of backgrounds such as engineering, theoretical physics, mathematical economics etc who wish to push their careers in a mathematical direction.

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