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Masters in France

Strive ahead in your career with GoFrance Educational Consultants in every step of your Masters journey.

France is one of the top countries that is known for its excellent educational quality. The courses offered are carefully designed to meet the individual needs of the students and the industry requirements. If you are striving to make a career by pursuing your Masters abroad, then you can come to GoFrance to support you. GoFrance educational consultancy is a leading educational platform that aids students in every part of their journey and takes them closer to doing their Masters in France. You will be provided with absolute guidance and support in the application process, visa process, accommodation, and much more. You can keep calm and get your bags packed, as we will take care of everything for your education in France.


Reasons to Study Masters in France


#1 Destination in Europe for International Students

325,000+ international students preferred France for studying Business, Engineering, Arts and Science.


Home to Top Business Schools in the World

25 out of 110 Triple Crown accredited (AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS) schools in the world are in France.


99% of Programs Offer Mandatory Paid Internships

Opportunity to take up internship anywhere in the EU with an average monthly salary of INR 120,000.


Work Part time During your Study

You can earn INR 600,000 through part time jobs and easily manage living expenses while you study.


40% Government Subsidy for Student Accommodation

Get reimbursement of up-to 40% of monthly student rent through the CAF rental assistance program.


Countless Job Opportunities in France

France has Europe’s highest concentration of Fortune 500 corporations which means that there are endless career options available.


2 Years Post Study Job Search Visa

Stay back in France for Two years on a Job Search Visa provided exclusively for Indian Students.


Get 5 Years Visa For your Entire Family

You and your family will receive an Alumni Visa immediately after graduation which lets you visit France for 5 year.


Work and Live anywhere in EU with an EU Blue Card

You and your Dependents get an automatic work permit under the EU Blue Card that allows you to work freely anywhere in the EU.


Get your Permanent Residency (PR) in 3 Years

Easy process to receive a PR in France three years after completing your Masters without any conditions.


Study in France without IELTS

Universities in France do not have IELTS as their entry requirement, making admissions a lot easier.

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All France Universities work with us

Official Partner of

Skema Business School
University Grenoble Alpes
NEOMA Business school
IESEG School of Management
IMT Atlantique
Audencia Business School
Montpellier Business School
Toulouse Business School
Rennes School of Business
ICN Business School
EM Strasbourg Business School
Excelia Tourism School (Excelia Group)
ESSCA School of Management
EMLV Business School (De Vinci Higher Education)
Burgundy School of Business
EM Normandie Business School (École de management de Normandie)
INP Toulouse (Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse)
Paris School of Business
INSEEC Business School
ESC Clermont Business School
EDC Paris Business School (Ecole des Dirigeants et des Créateurs d'entreprise)
ISG International Business School (Institut Superieur de Gestion)
South Champagne Business School
ICD Business School
The American Business School
Gex Management School
IDRAC Business School (Institut Privé de Recherche et d'Action Commerciale)
Brest Business School
College de Paris (KEYCE Business School)
PSL Research University (Paris Sciences et Lettres University)

*Student Testimonials*

  • I am so glad to have got in touch with GoFrance. Previously I approached few agents and they were asking me to apply in some universities only. But I wanted to try out in few more universities even though it was ambitious for me. Then as I was browsing, I came across GoFrance and called for an enquiry. I eventually mentioned that I had already applied but they insisted we could apply in the Universities I was interested. The SOP was reframed accordingly and I was surprised to have got an offer from ESC Dermont. I cant be happier and obviously I chose to process my visa with Gofrance eventhough I had an admit through the other consultancy. Thanks team for all assistance with the application and Visa.


    ESC Clermont Business School,

    star rating
  • This is my very first review and the reason for me to write down is the satisfaction and joy that I experienced through the entire process with GoFrance. I must admit that the visa process seemed very simple to me inspite of a lot of paperwork. I was given time frames as to when I should get everything ready so that I don’t stress out at the last minute. The team, were behind me with regular follow up and I have already referred my friends to process with GoFrance. Really appreciate your efforts. My course work in Skema Business school is what perfectly suits me and I thank the team for their guidance.


    Skema Business school,

    star rating
  • I could still remember the time when we visited GoFrance because my dad and I were a little skeptical when the consultant told us that all their services were free. There was a whole bunch of consultants and I was assigned Rahul. He helped throughout and there were other members assisting for application and finally for Visa. I won a scholarship of 3000 EUR from the Audencia Business School. I would say that the reason was the well-written SOP that mentioned my intention, abilities, and achievements from a very different perspective. The other thing about GoFrance was the mocks that we had for the interview. It really helped build my confidence and present well. GoFrance is surely the best place to go to if you are planning to study in France.


    Audencia Business School,

    star rating
  • One of my friends referred GoFrance and I had this perception that the process would be smooth. I should say that they had kept up with my expectations and I would refer them to my other friends. To point out some areas that need special mention was the assistance in course selection. I had done a BBA and wanted to apply for MBA with no experience. During our conversation, the consultant pointed out that since I am interested in accounting, I could specialize in it and that there were huge opportunities globally. So I applied for a Masters in Accounting & Audit and got an admit in IESEG School of Management. I thoroughly enjoy my course and find it to be interesting. I earnestly thank my consultant for giving me these options that I didnt think of. I would say that if you are confused in choosing the course that would suit you or that has good demand, you can take up a counselling session and I m sure that their expertise will be the best.


    IESEG School of Management,

    star rating
  • I was really anxious about getting an offer in France and was even more tense thinking about the visa application. My previous visa rejection from Canada was the main reason for the pressure that I took on myself. While looking for options to study, I chose France because I already had the idea of studying there. With the help of GoFrance, I submitted the application and my visa guidance was excellent. I thank my visa consultant for being patient with me in clarifying all my doubts. The entire team was very helpful and I am now studying in Skema Business School. This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of GoFrance. Thank you for all the effort, team!


    Skema Business School,

    star rating

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Reasons to Study Masters in France through

We Can Help you Apply to 100+ Universities

GoFrance works with a wide range of universities, which brings you unlimited choices when it comes to shortlisting your university and course options.

Preferred Admissions Partner

Sending quality students has created a space for us among Universities, making them prioritise our student applications with quicker admits.

Expert in Admission Interviews

Our experienced consultants will train you through mock sessions, making it easy for you to get through the university admission interview with ease.

Application fee Waiver

Most institutions give us the privilege to submit your applications for free when you apply through us.

Admission Essay Support

Our expertise in writing admission essays will paint a clear picture of your strengths, abilities, eagerness which will win you admits & scholarships.

100% Scholarship Assistance

Our extended support for Scholarship applications and essays have won tuition fee waivers and scholarships for many of our students.

Campus France Support

We provide step-by-step guidance for your Campus France application and interview, making sure all your documents are in check to clear the process.

Unbiased Personal Guidance

Our team of experienced consultants will handhold you through the whole process of studying in France from university shortlisting till visa and accommodation.

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GoFrance's Global Presence

21 Branches across the Globe
12 Countries
150+ Certified Experts














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Top Companies in France Hiring Graduates






Credit Agricole


Groupe BPCE


BNP Paribas





Christian Dior



Air France













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Download samples of Statement of Purpose (SOP) and Letters of Recommendation (LOR) which got admits & won Scholarships to Study in France.

Hassle-free *Premium Services* for you

Our services to kick start your study in France are personalized to suit aspiring students who want us to take over all aspects of their admission. Students looking for assistance from University shortlisting, and applications till visas can avail of our services free of cost, making it easier for their journey to study in France. We terminate all your stress about extensive documentation and applications. Our team of experienced consultants will be at your service throughout the process. You can call or whatsapp us now to start off the process to study in France.

Unbiased University & program Shortlisting

Our experienced consultants will analyze your profile and provide you with the best-suited options to Study in France for international students from our partner Universities. Selecting Universities can be tedious so we will pick the top universities for you, shortlist from the elaborate list and help you apply for the best program to study in France.

Sop Guidance

Provided a good SOP or an admission essay can win you admission and might be challenging for most students. Universities judge your intentions based on a good SOP so it requires expertise to provide one. Our team has written thousands of successful SOP’s that have got students into the top universities with scholarships. We do not use templates or any formats to provide SOP’s and make sure that it is custom-made according to your profile. Talk with our consultants to get you a vibrant SOP to apply for your study in France that can speak of your abilities and get admitted to the best universities in France.

Letter of Recommendation (LOR) Drafting/Editing

Universities in France pay close attention to your recommendations since it is given by a person who has assessed you at an academic or professional capacity. Pointing out aspects from a third person’s perspective for your study in France is given importance by the Universities and so it is ideal to provide good LORs. Downloading LOR templates from the internet is something very common among students but we suggest you give us a call to draft person-specific LORs based on inputs from your recommenders.

Resume / Curriculum Vitae Writing / Editing

A resume is factual and has details about your academic as well as work experience. It is crucial to frame it in an order that is easily understandable and captivating at the same time, highlighting your strengths and achievements. Our team of experts will provide a resume that covers all the relevant details for your application.

Application Submission & Tracking

Every university has its application process. We have done thousands of applications so doing your application without flaws is going to be easy. Preparing university-specific documents as per the application requirement for study in France will be taken care of by our experts.

Assistance for Education Loan

GoFrance will assist you in finding the right bank to fund your study in France. We have 20+ education loan providers who can assist you and our experienced consultants will guide you to choose the right education loan provider, prepare the necessary documents required for loan and get your loan sanctioned.

Student Visa documentation & Filing

Handling more than thousands of visa applications and with a 100% visa success rate for study in France, our team of visa consultants are well versed with the France student visa requirements and will assist you in each step. Our assistance in preparing your visa application, academic and financial documents required for the application, and sponsor-related documents will ensure a tension-free visa process.

Travel & Accommodation

Finding the right place to stay while studying in France that fits your budget can be daunting. Keeping in mind your needs, convenience, and affordability, we can find your accommodation in France during your course of study. With our partners for flight booking and accommodation, we can get you the best deals.

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Our Recent Admits & Scholarships


of our students were awarded scholarship this year

School Student Name Scholarship
Aditya ₹3,20,736
Ashish ₹3,19,725
Dhinesh ₹7,24,174
Mary ₹6,43,472
Meera ₹6,43,000
Pranesh ₹6,42,572
Trupti ₹6,41,000
Abhirup ₹6,03,202
Pooja ₹5,63,144
Santoshi ₹5,62,133
Jesslyn ₹5,61,120
Vinay ₹5,22,821
Ashwin ₹4,82,562
Neha ₹3,21,736
Owais ₹1,60,930
Mayuri ₹4,80,552
Robin ₹4,70,560
Dinesh ₹1,60,930
Arvin ₹4,02,236
Rishabh ₹2,41,281
Huzefa ₹3,18,000
Kiran ₹3,10,500
Sushma ₹2,41,281
Rakhi ₹3,00,736
Vimal ₹3,18,325
Siva ₹2,81,519
Shraddha ₹2,41,281
Saujanaya ₹2,42,200
Vishnu ₹3,21,736
Sabarish ₹2,40,526
Smirti ₹2,43,380
Harith ₹2,39,270
Saloni ₹1,81,043
Kannan ₹2,43,100
Shreya ₹3,21,736
Anu ₹1,60,930
Nupur ₹2,40,000
Nilesh ₹4,00,230

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Reasons Why we are The Best France Consultants


10+ years experience in France Higher Education

Apply to 100+ Universities

21 Branches
Across 12 Countries & 9 Offices in India

Experienced Education Consultants

Success Stories

Same Day Application Submission to the Institutions

France Student Visa Success Rate



Generic, Very limited experience in France Higher Education

Restricted choice of Universities

No extensive reach like us

You will never find a better team than GoFrance to assist you

Incomparable with us

Dependency on other agents delays application submission time

Low success rate due to lack of expertise

Ranjith Kumar

Bai Thulasi


Sri Krishna


Gopala Krishnan

Lenin Ravi


Kishore Kumar

Mani Kannan

4000+ Reviews

Ranjith Kumar

I would recommend GoFrance to anyone planning to study masters in France. Thanks to Mr. Allwin for the constant support and for being very responsive . He was clear and confident about the entire process and clarified all the queries. Thank you very much for my dream being fulfilled with the GoFrance team.

Bai Thulasi

If anyone is planning to study abroad I would recommend GoFrance Consultants because they have good experience . I was more satisfied by the way they guided me, especially Mr. Jegadesh helped me with course selection to College till the visa process, and he cleared all my doubts . He approaches students in a friendly way which helps build good relationships between students and consultants. In my personal opinion, I think that If you approach GoFrance, you will get a great career in the future.


I am happy to apply for my higher education abroad through GoFrance consultancy. It is considered the best place for students to go for overseas education. They helped me a lot more than a family member. I like to thank Mr. Siva Kumar; he helped me in every step of applying and all the documents & visa processing. Strongly recommend

Sri Krishna

I had a wonderful experience with the GoFrance consultants. They are very supportive and friendly . The Admission processes are on time and very fast . I am extremely thankful to Mr. Jegadesh and the team for their valuable help and support . The whole process went smoothly without any stress at any time. The place where you will get satisfied with what you want for Higher education.


I had the best experience with GoFrance, who helped me throughout the process, from filing applications to visa approval . Every step was explained clearly by the counselor Ms.Swetha which made the entire process smooth . She guided me whenever I felt confused and helped me make a better decisions. I highly recommend GoFrance for your abroad plans.

Gopala Krishnan

I am greatly thankful to GoFrance and my counselor Mr.Naveen for their constant guidance and support to achieve my goal with regard to university and visa processing. They were very professional and competent. They helped me from choosing the best universities to making sure I'd be well equipped when I landed in France. I strongly recommend going with them if you plan on studying in France.

Lenin Ravi

Had an awesome experience with GoFrance Educational Consultants, everything was simple and straightforward . My advisor was Ms. Swetha, she is so professional and analyzed my profile, understands my need very well, and then she gave me a decent list of universities in France. Every step was explained clearly by the counselor Swetha which made the entire process smooth . Feeling good we made the right choice going through GoFrance. I will strongly recommend for others. Thank you.


My thought of pursuing a master degree abroad was difficult changed when I consulted with GoFrance Consultancy. I would like to thank gofrance and especially my counselor, Siva, who had been with me right from the beginning , setting an appointment with the universities and selecting the right course till, helping me in a hassle-free visa application process. He had been very informative and responsive throughout the journey clarifying all my queries with patience. I would recommend gofrance Consultancy to students who are determined in conquering their dream.

Kishore Kumar

I am very happy to share with you that I got my France study Visa in first attempt . I am very thankful for my GoFrance counsellor, Yuvasree Gopinath. She is a positive, knowledgeable and friendly person who was very helpful throughout my admission as well as visa process. Whenever I needed help, she was always available and solved all the queries . Just because of her, my admission and visa process went smoothly and successfully . I would highly recommend GoFrance to those who want to study abroad.

Mani Kannan

I have approached GoFrance, and my first point of the contact person is Mr. Allwin Silvaraj, the queries which we ask and with his help and effort I was able to find a good university in France in spite of my average profile, Due to his efficiency and his great service in applying the colleges based on the candidate profile. The visa processing team also have done a great job. Thanks to GoFrance and the entire team. Strongly recommend

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What are the services provided by GoFrance for Masters in France?

GoFrance team provides one-to-one counselling to the students that include determining the best-suited university by examining your profile, applying to the university of your choice, mock sessions for Interview, complete documentation for application and visa, and assisting you with education loan and accommodations in France.

How much does GoFrance charge for consultation?

All our services are for FREE. We do not charge our students for consultation at any point of time.

Does GoFrance represent all Universities in France?

We work closely with 100+ university partners in France.

Can I have a counselling session over the phone or is it mandatory to visit your office?

Most of our students discuss, process their application and even complete their Visa application over the phone or through a zoom meet. So it's not a must for you to come but we would love to have you over in any of our 21 Branches across 12 Countries & 9 Offices in India.

Will you be assisting for an Education loan and accommodation?

Yes. We will guide you through our partners - HDFC Credila, Bank of Baroda, SBI, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, Avanse, Auxilo, InCred and other government banks for education loans. Most of our students found their accommodation in France through our premium partners like University Living, Amber and Casita.

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Application fee waiver - Appl Assistance - Upto 100% scholarship - SOP Prep

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We will personally guide you through the whole process of studying in France

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  • SOP and LOR Guidance
  • Education Loan
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150+ Education Experts Online

FREE Expert Admission Guidance

  • No Processing fee
  • Application fee waiver
  • €4000 Scholarship on admit
  • SOP and LOR Guidance
  • Education Loan
  • Visa Assistance

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