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IMT Nord Europe

Highlights of Studying IMT Nord Europe

  • 12,600 students, including 450 apprentices. This is comparable to popular American universities, such as Stanford and MIT.

  • 2/3 of graduates are employed in large companies.

  • 40,000 EUR salary per year after completing a course.

  • 30% of international students and 600+ foreign partnerships.

  • 4,230 degrees awarded, with 90% of the graduates starting directly on permanent agreements.

  • 2,080 ranked research publications that contribute to technology and science.

  • 9,070 business partnerships associated with local and national networks.


Great Place to Work

IMT Nord Europe

Eleven major management and engineering schools assimilate to form IMT Nord Europe or Institut Mines-Télécom. This university in France boasts a team committed to world-class innovation and research. It also enjoys a proven position as France's most digitally-focused engineering school, based on the vision of developing the economy and territories, training businesses, and contributing to entrepreneurship and innovation. All activities at IMT Nord Europe are deployed in the field related to major energy, digital and educational, and industrial transitions.

IMT Nord Europe is a French Graduate School of Engineering with Institut Mines-Télécom affiliation and in partnership with the University of Lille. Located at the crossroads of Europe, between Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels, and London, IMT Nord Europe is one of the most significant education players in the present ecological, industrial, digital, and energy transitions. It works with the vision of designing new models for public engineering schools and serving businesses and the economy with an international perspective and the shared values of integrity, humanism, and excellence. The academic excellence of this institute in France is recognized widely, and teacher-researchers from the school have also received several distinctions and awards.

Why Study at IMT Nord Europe?

Founded in 1878, IMT Nord Europe trains engineers with multidisciplinary profiles working in different areas of the industry and the service sectors. Created by public authorities to aid the industrial and economic development of France during the 18th century, this university promotes the incubation of technology assignments and entrepreneurship. Every year, the institute supports around 100 start-ups in its incubators. Some solid reasons to study at IMT Nord Europe are as follows:

  • Students at this institute can greatly benefit from several partnerships established by the institute. Students also benefit from a wide selection of training programs.
  • IMT Nord Europe is a universal player with an international perspective. The institute welcomes students from across the world. It is dedicated to facilitating ease of adjustment for new students with different support solutions for international students and sufficient resources on campus. Students at this institute are motivated to participate in community life on campus while broadening their social and cultural horizons.
  • Digital and documentation services are available at IMT Nord Europe, along with two libraries and six officers. The collections and services they provide perfectly align with the research and teaching activities at the school.
  • It is mandatory for all the students at IMT Nord Europe to indulge in sports every week. This is one of the best ways to ensure students care for themselves. The Douai and Lille campuses of the school offer sports facilities in rowing, athletics, modern dance, boxing, basketball, badminton, climbing, fitness, and horse riding. Football, fencing, futsal, handball, tennis, rugby, and so on.
  • The student clubs at IMT Nord Europe ensure that the students are well-prepared for language practice and intercultural learning. There are four student unions and 30+ associations with teams consisting of experts in the field of international management. The staff at the institute is mobilized in innovative and creative pedagogy, while the Erasmus+ programs foster involvement in different transnational cooperation assignments.
  • As a participant of the Erasmus+ program, IMT Nord Europe reinforces its territorial anchoring in different regions with an ambitious international plan. Students at IMT Nord Europe also get the scope to go abroad throughout their study programs, thanks to the academic semesters and internships.
  • The academic excellence of IMT Nord Europe is recognized widely. Researchers and teachers from the institute have received several distinctions and awards.
  • The school also has a strong network of private and corporate partners. Its long-standing collaborations offer great kudos to the degrees awarded in the university while giving students the opportunity to serve great careers as engineers.
IMT Nord Europe
IMT Nord Europe

IMT Nord Europe Ranking

Speaking of IMT Nord Europe ranking, it stands at 1001 in the World University Rankings by Times Higher Education. IMT Nord Europe ranking QS is not available.

Campuses of IMT Nord Europe

Campuses of IMT Nord Europe are located right in the middle of Hauts-de-France, on three sites in Douai and Villeneuve d'Ascq. There are campuses at Lille, Valenciennes, Alencon, and Dunkirk as well.

Postgraduate at IMT Nord Europe

You can find two types of Master's programs in IMT Nord Europe; they are International Master's and Specialized Master's. The International Master's degree in IMT Nord Europe includes three specializations of 2 years duration. They are a blend of engineering, science, management, technology, communication, and business. International Master's programs at IMT Nord Europe are the best springboards for students to launch their international industry careers or take up research. These superior quality masters in IMT Nord Europe benefit from the research expertise of the institute and its close connections with the entire business community. The university trains researchers and executives that have the potential to take up the challenges of the future.

Completely conducted in English, international masters programs at IMT Nord Europe help students study in an international environment with professors and classmates from across the world. Students need to complete their two semesters in IMT Nord Europe Douai campus, one semester in Paris campus, and the last semester or final year thesis project with paid internship in a research department or company.

The full MSc degrees at IMT Nord Europe are specifically designed to give your career an international dimension. These degrees are internationally renowned for the managerial and technical skills they offer to the students that help them take up good positions in different companies. They have varied themes, such as Management of Durable Construction or Design, Management of Industry 4.0, Advanced Composite Structures, and Eco-Design. FLE or French as a Foreign Language courses is offered to all the Master students at IMT Nord Europe along with projects and work placements. All this together gives them a strong intercultural platform once they complete their two years of study.

Specialized Masters Programs at IMT Nord Europe are available for the 5-year science degree holders looking to acquire good expertise in a cutting-edge sector. With Conférence des Grandes Écoles accreditation, these Master's programs offer training in different high-growth professions associated with industrial, energy, and digital transitions. The programs combine practical and theoretical teaching with activities within the structure of a multidisciplinary technical and scientific assignment. Specialized Masters Programs at IMT Nord Europe include different types of training by level, interests, and by type.

Training by level includes:

  • Science Foundation course
  • 1 or 2 years Masters
  • DUT
  • BTS
  • Science baccalaureate
  • Degree (2nd or 3rd year)

Training by interests includes:

  • Industry
  • Civil engineering
  • Cyber security
  • Services
  • Digital
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Telecommunications
  • Environment
  • Materials
  • Energies

Training by type includes:

  • Executive training
  • Semester for exchange students
  • Master's degree
  • Doctoral preparation
  • Continuous training
  • Specialized masters
  • Engineering training through continuous training
  • Executive training
  • Specialist engineer
  • Word-study/apprenticeship
  • Engineering degree

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List of Postgraduate Courses in IMT Nord Europe

Masters courses in IMT Nord Europe are available in two segregated departments. They are International Masters and Specialized Masters. In the International Masters category, the list of postgraduate courses in IMT Nord Europe goes like this:

  • MSc Advanced Design And Management Of Durable Constructions
  • MSc In Design And Management Of The Industry 4.0
  • MSc Eco-Design And Advanced Composite Structures

In the Specialised Master's category, you will find courses like

  • MS Cyber Security Engineering
  • MS Products and Processes Of The Concrete Industry
  • MS Positive Energy Building (Be+)
  • MS Occupational and Technological Risk Management
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Postgraduate Entry Requirement at IMT Nord Europe

A Bachelor of Science or equivalent degree is the main entry requirement for a Master's in IMT Nord Europe. Additionally, there is also a postgraduate English requirement at IMT Nord Europe. It is important for the students to demonstrate a B2 level of English proficiency and also present a document attesting to this knowledge level. This document can be your IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or TOEIC scorecard.

Once your filled-in application is received by the admission team at IMT Nord Europe, you will get an email notifying you whether your application has been chosen for further consideration or not. If it is chosen, you will be called for an interview with the Director of Studies. Your technical knowledge will be assessed during this interview, and the Director of Studies will also discuss your career plans with you during the interview. The interview will be conducted entirely in English. You will be notified about your admission shortly after the interview.

The entry requirement for Specialised Masters programs at IMT Nord Europe is an engineering degree of 5 years accredited by the CTI. Along with this, you must also have

  • Foreign degrees of equivalent level.
  • University degrees at the M2 level.
  • M1 (4 years) or Masters (4 years) level university degree along with 3 years of professional experience.
  • Networking and computer knowledge.

English Language Requirements to study in IMT Nord Europe

English language requirement for masters in IMT Nord Europe is applicable for both International Masters and Specialized Masters. You must showcase B2-level English proficiency and present a document to prove the same. You can either meet the IELTS requirement for masters to study in IMT Nord Europe or the TOEFL requirements for masters to study in IMT Nord Europe. You can even choose to satisfy the PTE requirements for masters to study in IMT Nord Europe.

Since the Specialized Masters courses at IMT Nord Europe are delivered in French, you must demonstrate a B2 level in French to apply for the same.

Scholarships for Masters in IMT Nord Europe

As per your academic records and country of origin, you may be eligible for one of the scholarships for an MSc in IMT Nord Europe. Some options in the category of masters scholarship in IMT Nord Europe are as follows:

  • Worldwide: Eiffel Scholarship Program of Excellence
  • South Africa Scholarship Program
  • Entente-Cordiale program
  • Franco-Thaï Scholarship Program
  • PhilFrance Scholarships
  • France Excellence Europa scholarship program
  • Charpak Scholarship program

There are scholarships also available for students from Nigeria, Vietnam, Ghana, Japan, Gabon, the Netherlands, and Indonesia.

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Postgraduate Tuition Fee in IMT Nord Europe for International Students

Master's degree course fees in IMT Nord Europe may vary depending on your status. Postgraduate programs tuition fees in IMT Nord Europe may include tax for job seekers and young graduates. Masters programs tuition fees in IMT Nord Europe may include varied tax charges for professionals. The application fee of 60 EUR is not added to the tuition fee in IMT Nord Europe.



MSc Advanced Design and Management Of Durable Constructions 9,000 EUR per year
MSc Eco-Design and Advanced Composite Structures 9,000 EUR per year
MSc in Design and Management Of The Industry 4.0 9,000 EUR per year
MS Cyber Security Engineering 9,000 EUR per year
MS Positive Energy Building (BE+) 6,500 EUR per year
MS Products and Processes of the Concrete Industry 6,500 EUR per year
MS Occupational and Technological Risk Management 6,500 EUR per year

Research at IMT Nord Europe

All thanks to the institute's master's degrees, students can greatly benefit from research training that will further help them pursue Ph.D. programs in IMT Nord Europe. The institute's laboratories can equip more than 30 Ph.D. students with different scientific projects. To meet the technological challenges of industrial, environmental, energy, and digital transitions, the facility is fast developing research in the 3 most significant areas of expertise: digital systems, energy and environment, and materials and procedures. Additionally, social and human sciences dimensions are put in place to analyze the conversions of organizations in this age of internationalization and digitization of companies.

Ph.D. is the highest degree offered at IMT Nord Europe and is internationally recognized as well. The institute also offers a double Ph.D. degree in engineering with the Aerospace Engineering department of HAIST or Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

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What are the benefits of fundamental research at IMT Nord Europe?

Fundamental research opportunities at IMT Nord Europe allow companies to take a detailed look at the phenomena of one of their problems. Experimental and theoretical approaches used during research increase both technical and scientific knowledge.

What is the international handbook offered by IMT Nord Europe?

The international handbook by IMT Nord Europe offers all the information you require to stay at the institute, so the experience is not stressful for you.

Do you offer accommodation at IMT Nord Europe?

Yes, there are more than 1,000 accommodation units available for the students at IMT Nord Europe.

What is the benefit of the student associations at IMT Nord Europe?

The student associations at IMT Nord Europe can help the students discover, meet, develop, and get involved in cultural, festive, entrepreneurial, humanitarian, and sporting projects. There are student offices available to coordinate everything.

What is Fablab?

Fablab is a place completely dedicated to collective work and innovation and to raising awareness about the digital manufacturing tools of the present times.

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